The Java experts behind Jetty

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Ajax and Ajax Push Scalability Delivered

You have an Ajax or Ajax Push (Comet) app!

Customers are demanding it!

Management is happy!

Image from Flickr: Donna Cymek

But it's only a prototype!

Will it work at Commercial Scale?

Webtide are experts on scaling dynamic web applications, ready to work with you to make your application scale to millions of users. We created Jetty, one of the most widely used servers, and the Java implementation of Comet (standard Ajax Push), so come meet the experts who can get you there without breaking the bank.

Commission us for a rapid review that does not leave you hanging. Our experts will meet with your technical team, and produce a review with suggestions on architecture to maximize yours scaling, at minimal cost, and with best service levels. This will be then be paired with our Developer Advice system to keep your team in the loop for any number of follow-on questions as implementation and new releases proceed. ALL FOR ONE ATTRACTIVE PACKAGE PRICE!

Interested? Contact us at jumpstart@webtide.com.