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Production Support

Already running Jetty or Cometd, or planning on deploying it? Production support will ensure that knowledgeable experts are on hand to ensure your application keeps running with no-hassle ways of getting in touch with our developers, so you won't have to play "escalation run-around" with a call center.

Even when your problems are not cause by Jetty or Cometd, our expert support does not end with "It's not our fault" and we have often provided the insight and direction to work out what component or system is really was at fault. As well as jetty issues, we have helped diagnose problems with applications, databases, routers and even JVM bugs that have impacted applications running on Jetty/Cometd. We offer support tailored for the version of Jetty you're actually running; we'll work with your existing system and won't make you do a full upgrade just to solve a problem.

Having a production support subscriptions means we can help you when you need it and it is essential insurance to keep your applications running. But just as importantly, a production support subscription can help avoid issues from occurring in production as we proactively notify our clients of issues discovered in the wild that may affect them and can provide tailored patches to avoid a problem with minimal change.

A proactive, informed community of Jetty experts: that's what Webtide can offer you.

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[*] Free technical questions will be handled on a no obligation best effort basis involving as an introduction to our support services and must be accompanied with the contact who can make a decision to purchase support.

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